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Exhibiting Artwork - 10/5/2010

Points to consider when exhibiting your artwork.

Finding a Gallery


v     The first challenge is trying to find places to exhibit your work.  The availability will depend on your location.  However having a good look on the web and using other art resources should give you at least one place to start.  Ask other art friends if they exhibit or know of any places that do.


v     In my first year to date I have managed to enter eight exhibitions with a further three planned before the year ends so taking the total to an expected eleven.  I only have three local venues that I have found to exhibit my work so far, the other two venues being those offered by the UKCPS in their annual exhibitions. But I will continue to look for more as I now have the exhibiting bug.


v     The Gallery or venue involved will usually have a fee for entering your work.  This may be a set fee or a fee for each piece of work submitted. These fees will vary from venue to venue and I do not have enough experience myself as yet to tell you what I believe to be a typical fee.  However I can tell that one of my local galleries usually charges a submission of around £10 for up to three  pieces entered while the other charges around £7 per entry.


v     If the gallery event is part of a larger enterprise (such as the biennial in Liverpool) then further fees may be required to register for that event.


v     If you are lucky enough to sell a piece of work then there will be commission fees taken directly from your sale price by the gallery.  Typically between 25% and 35%.


Number of entries


v     You will be limited to the number of pieces you can enter into any one exhibition.  The average being two or three entries per exhibition.


Types of exhibition


v     Some exhibitions are Open, which means there is no theme to the exhibition and providing you adhere to that particular exhibitions rules (such as it being coloured pencil only etc) then you can enter what you like. 


v     Other exhibitions will be Open and allow any media while others will be themed either by medium used or subject such as a theme based around dance etc.


v     If like me you do however do some work of a more adult or erotic theme please check with the gallery first to ensure that such work is acceptable to them.  Not all galleries or venues will accept work of this nature.


v     The length of the exhibition can vary also from as little as one week to a couple of months.

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