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Lennon's Love

Original Artwork £65 Fully framed with red mount in a black box frame. Home pick up or postage cost on application.

Lennon's Love

Title Lennon's Love

This artwork depicts The Beatles John Lennon and his wife Yoko and the love they shared.

The red lines are quotes taken from an interview by John Lennon concerning Yoko.
The top line reads
There's nothing more important than our relationship.  We dig being together all the time.
The bottom line reads
Nothing works better than to have someone you love hold you.
Coloured pencil on Grey Pastlemat.

This artwork comes fully framed and mounted.

Picture size without mount is  11 x 15  inches (280 x 380 mm).

Picture size with mount and frame is 14 x 18 inches (360 x 460 mm ).

Mount colour in red.  Frame in black.

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